Monday, July 25, 2011

I Am The Captain Of My Ship

We enter this world alone, and we leave it alone.

In between birth and death, we travel with others, staying longer with
some and sharing the briefest of encounters with others.

The luckiest among us finds a kindred spirit, one who is able to uplift
us and make us become much greater together, but these are very few.

Some are lucky to journey through life with that which they have created.

It is a paradoxical situation where you find that your life is no longer
your own, yet it brings fulfillment which your life, existing by itself,
cannot provide. The paradox is that you live, by losing that life.

But whether you travel alone, or with ours, we are ultimately, the
captains of our own ship.

When the sun sets for the last time on our life, we should be the ones
holding the wheel, guiding our life, our ship, to drop anchor at this
place where the journey of this body ends, and where the liberation of
our soul begins. That place called eternity,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A reminder of my mortality

Received some very sad news today about the passing of a contemporary of mine. He died of cardiac arrest at the very young age of 49.

It affected me very deeply because it was a big warning sign to avoid things that could lead to an early demise.

With 4 young kids depending on my being there for them, I should always remember that my life is no longer my own...

Things that cause extreme stress should be taken out of my life even if they are important to me.

It's a  bitter pill to swallow but if nothing can be done to rectify the situation then I will let it go.

Of what use is having a few happy moments if it costs you your life?