Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When art becomes heresy

How does one draw the line between art, heresy and profanity?

Recently, an art exhibit generated controversy by having “art” that bordered on outright sacrilege.

You have Jesus with a penis, then you have a crucifix with a condom. Understandably, this created an uproar from the Catholics who were up in arms over such a blasphemous work. On the other side you have the artists and art lovers who are defending their freedom as artists.

Personally I feel that if you live in a civilized society, there will exist  standards of behavior which must be observed. Being in a society means that you are not alone and you cannot insist on doing just about anything your heart desires to express.  To insist on doing so would mean totally disregarding laws, mores and all other things that keep the society civilized.

If people insist on their way, regardless of the people around them, then they should not live in a society. They should not stay in a society then insult other peoples sensibilities and argue that it’s all about being an artist and their freedom of expression.

Imagine the chaos this would create when decent behavior ceases to exist. If they insist on their right to portray Jesus that way, then others can insist on creating their own art depicting the artists grandmother, mother, father in a manner that the artist should see fit. What they wear, what they show and what they do is none of any ones business, not even their relatives. Freedom of expression right?

That is the bottom line. To allow such transgressions and sacrilege to be displayed in the name of art is tantamount to allowing anarchy to reign. After all, anyone can make an obscene, blasphemous or sick and twisted artwork and escape prosecution in the name of art. If that is allowed to happen then it is the end of civilized society. One cannot display and express their opinions within a certain society and expect themselves to be exempt from the bounds of decent behavior. Each and every one of those operating within the group are all expected to follow the rules.

No one is above the law, and no one, within a society, should be allowed to exceed the boundaries of decent, moral behavior. Those who insist on breaking the law are considered outlaws. Break with decency and morals then you are indecent and immoral. You want to create "art" like that, go ahead, but keep it to yourself. Should you allow the public to view it, then be ready to accept that the public can take advantage of the very freedom under which you created your "art". Should they be offended, outraged, and insulted, then that is their prerogative.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bid Time Return

"Bid Time Return" This was the title of a book which formed the basis
for the movie "Somewhere In Time".

I read the book before the movie and the film made such a big impact on me.

The title suddenly popped into my mind when I was about to write today.

If only we could make time return, to bring back years we lost, years we

I want to move forward but I can never do that with one foot firmly in

If I don't do something soon, I know I will lose everything, my past,
present and future.